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Sanctions Expertise

The Eren Law Firm has unrivaled knowledge, expertise, perspective, and ability in the area of economic and financial sanctions. Steven Pinter and Hal Eren of the firm served at OFAC for a combined 25 years. Steven Pinter, a recognized expert and unquestioned authority on sanctions, was Chief of Licensing at OFAC between 1987 and 2002, and Senior Advisor at OFAC between 2002 and 2004, during which time he, respectively, was in charge of OFAC licensing determinations and oversaw, reviewed and provided expert guidance on OFAC penalty cases. After serving at OFAC between 1992 and 2000, Hal Eren joined the law firm of Clifford Chance, where he advised the firm’s clients as well as Clifford Chance itself on economic sanctions and anti-money laundering matters. In 2002, Mr. Eren established and joined The Eren Law Firm. Mr. Eren and Mr. Pinter have been in practice at the Firm respectively for the past 20 and18 years.

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