About The Eren Law Firm

The Eren Law Firm is a boutique law firm based in Washington D.C. and one of the world’s leading law firms in the area of economic sanctions. Our clients are located around the world. We advise and represent banks, financial services companies, corporations, governments, individuals, and others with respect to a variety of issues and complex legal challenges.

Our core areas of expertise are economic sanctions, financial, investment, and trade regulations; corporate transactions; international litigation/arbitration; and international law. In the area of financial and trade regulations, the combined quality and extent of our lawyers’ experience, gained within and outside of the U.S. government, make us one of the world's leading firms in the area of economic sanctions.

We also represent clients with respect to disputes arising from corporate and other transactions and before U.S. state and federal courts, arbitral tribunals, and before regulatory agencies including the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, Treasury, Justice, Homeland Security and the New York Department of Financial Services.

We approach each client matter with extreme care, attention, respect, and energy, and carefully analyze how the law or contract terms impact their business, transactions and particular circumstances. Given the mosaic of the collective business and legal experience of our lawyers, we easily recognize and share an understanding of our client’s business and their goals and devise solutions for them.

We listen and are able to easily identify with our clients’ challenges and are very responsive to them. We are deeply committed to being trusted, dedicated advisors and to finding justice, solutions and resolving issues for our clients efficiently.

We Are:


Authoritative, Credible, Reliable, Respected

Responsive, Results-oriented, Efficient

Vigorous, Determined

Unrivaled in Depth and Breadth of Knowledge and Experience in the Field of Economic Sanctions

Uniquely Qualified

We Possess:

Unparalleled Knowledge

Our Values and Attributes

Things That Define Us. 


Dedicated to the Highest Standards and to Serving Clients Effectively.

Insight / Perceptivity

No One Has the Insight Into U.S. Economic Sanctions That We Do. You Cannot Afford Not to Have Us on Your Side. Keen discernment and sensitivity.


Our Firm Has the Best Attributes of a Large and a Small Firm. We are Local and Global, and Flexible. As Cases and Issues Demand, We Assemble or Join the Best Teams, and Collaborate With the Right Lawyers Everywhere to Provide Custom-Tailored Solutions to the Complex Needs of Our Clients.


Knowledge of Law. Knowledge of Business and Finance. Precise, Solid and Clear Advice. All the Information and Knowledge to Make the Best Decisions.


Experience with and Knowledge of the Law from the Government's as well as the Client’s Perspective. An Understanding of the Client’s Business. Sound Judgment. All Are Indispensable in Resolving Issues. We Are Unique In Having the Optimal Blend of All Three. The kind, quality, depth and breadth of our lawyers in their respective areas of concentration is unrivaled.


Honesty, upholding strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Honesty is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. We are frank with our clients about the obstacles they face and the legal obstacles they must navigate. By seeing a problem clearly, we can develop the best strategy for our clients.


Our lawyers have insights from various perspectives given their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our American lawyers are U.S. trained but very used to and adept in dealing across the world and with different cultures. They are seasoned and thrive bringing their knowledge to their clients’ cases and causes.


Wise, fully informed decisions. Our clients must be able to rely on our good judgment. Often there are no right or wrong, black or white answers. Decisions and courses of action comes down to a matter of good judgment. Our clients can have confidence that we are going to exercise good judgment on their behalf and in their best interests -- across a whole range of important decisions. Sound judgment is essential, and is perhaps one of the most important attributes of a good lawyer.


Honesty, upholding strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Strong.


Credible. Trusted. True. Reliable. Commanding respect. Persuasive.


Experienced, trained, qualified, professional, proficient, practiced, seasoned, accomplished, expert.


Reliable, truthful, committed.


We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure that we can best serve every client's needs.

Assiduous and Prudent

Diligent, careful, meticulous, thorough, attentive, hard working, conscientious, ultracareful, punctilious, painstaking, demanding, exacting.


Sensitive insight. Capacity to intuitively understand. Vision.

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